Active since 2003 and drawing upon more than 20 years of experience possessed by its partners, TTE Technology, Trade and Engineering provide engineering, technical advisory and contracting services in the development and implementation of energy, infrastructure and construction projects. We further provide consultancy to financial institutions and investors, be it carrying out feasibility studies, preparing specific agreements or organizing project-specific financing. 

TTE; Knowing the importance of sustainable investments for countries in Europe, Middle East, Central Asia and Africa, continues activities in development and commissioning of energy projects in Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ghana, Portugal and Spain.

TTE Energy in partnership with Aysel Inshaat and Aysel Energy has established TTE Energy Uzbekistan, to provide consultancy, material provision, contracting, design, O&M services to energy projects in the region.

Detailed information about our partners may be found at www.aysel.uz and www.ayselenergy.com.