Advisory And M&A Services
  • Owner’s Engineering Service for Investors and Lender’s Engineering Services for Financial Institutes
  • Review of material and equipment procurement contracts and O&M contracts, completion of risk analysis studies, review and interpretation of Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) in accordance with international standards.
  • M&A Services
    • Collection of financial, accounting and legal documents and data to be presented in data room for investors
    • Q&A management
    • Control of technical projects with field applications
  • Technical and financial review prior to tender/investment stage and completion of sensitivity and risk analysis. The studies include:
    • Analysis of investment cost study
    • Cash flow analysis
    • Equity-loan repayment analysis
    • Internal rate of return calculation
    • Net Present Value calculations (NPV)
    • Alternative scenario analysis 
  • Preparation Bankable Energy Yield Assessment Reports accepted by Financial Institutes
  • Control of all installation Works in accordance to the projects and preparation of reports and analysis results.
  • Examination and control during construction period and signing of Transfer of facility protocol by supervisors.
Supervisory service on site during Provisional Acceptance by local authorities and preparation of reports